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Trusted By Doctors

Vella is recommended by most of the doctors as safe, comfortable and effective sanitary napkin, which provide full protection during periods.

Advanced Technology Protection

Vella Sanitary pads are the most advanced technology sanitary pad widely used for menstrual management and still they are economical and easy available in India.

Feel Free, Live Free

Vella Sanitary Pad are safe, comfortable & effective, so that nothing stops you from going out and living your life.

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Vella sanitary pad is a unique pad that was created with the purpose of providing a perfect blend of softness, slimness and comfort while serving as protection for women. Vella is designed and packed by Vesta Biotech Private Limited, a company dedicated to providing the best quality of its products to the public.

Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Eat healthy
Compete with others
Improve your health
upto 100%

Protection From Stains

30 / 30 Days

Full Month Freedom

#1 Choice

Among Womens